Rumour has it...
the tunnel, after which the brewery is named, was widely regarded as the 8th Wonder
of the World. Nelson himself came to visit, along with 'Lady Ham’ on a year long
“Grand Tour” (apparently the Regency equivalent to back-packing in Oz). As they emerged
from the 8th Wonder on their slow coach through the Ansley Alps they came up on the
place we now know as THE LORD NELSON INN, but known then as “Ron’s Chicken
Wing and Chop House”. They stopped for a basket of chips & wings, flagon of ale and a
change of horses. Before refreshments arrived Bonaparte text’d him, inviting him to a bit of
a “set to” at Trafalgar. On leaving the turnpike, ‘Ratio asked mine host (Mr. Ron) to keep his
chips warm for his return, but alas, as we all know, ‘Ratio was about to “get his
chips”…….Turnpike Ale, the perfect accompaniment to chips!


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