Tunnel Brewery - Trade Winds IPA

TUNNEL I.P.A. – Trade Winds (4.6% abv)
A heavenly aromatic, copper coloured beer. It has an aroma rich in cascade hops spilling over into clean crisp hints of citrus. Quickly followed by a rush of fruity malts that are pursued by an exquisitly dry finish, full of scented hops. A Pale Ale like it ought to be!

Rumour has it...
The tunnel, after which the brewery is named, passes through the highest mountain range in Central England. When the tunnel was finished it suddenly released all the easterly winds, hitherto, trapped behind the “Ansley Alps". An immediate and constant prevailing wind was born. This gale force wind howled down to the south coast and way beyond as far as the Cape of Good Hope! It filled the sagging sails of the ailing shipping fleets and became the driving force that carried trade to and from the Far East. This new wind, hailed as a godsend, was given a special name.

This glorious beer, also held in high esteem, was brewed to commemorate the “miracle gale”, and bares the same name…. Trade Winds.
(Drinker beware, this beer may have the power to release the winds within you!)


Contact: Bob Yates or Mike Walsh
Brewery: 024 7639 4386 | Email: info@tunnelbrewery.co.uk

Brewery tours and tasting sessions are available by appointment.