Tunnel Brewery - Sweet Parish Ale, Premium Ale

TUNNEL PREMIUM ALE – “Sweet Parish Ale” (4.7% abv)
A reddish-amber malty ale with a slight chocolate aroma. Enhanced by citrus
notes on the nose. Initially malty in the mouth, becoming increasingly fruity as the traditional English hops kick in. The finish is a smooth gentle hop bitterness.
An real ale for real connoisseurs!

Rumour has it...
The tunnel, after which the brewery is named, was the only link
between Ansley and its neighbouring Parishes. A bitter dispute broke out between
the villages and as a consequence the tunnel was sealed off. A brewery was then
established in Ansley and word quickly spread to the surrounding Parishes.
Suddenly, and miraculously, the other Parish Councils forgot their bitter feelings
and the tunnel was re-opened. The very first thing to flow through the tunnel was
a consignment of ale! This beer became known as Sweet Parish Ale… not at all bitter!


Contact: Bob Yates or Mike Walsh
Brewery: 024 7639 4386 | Email: info@tunnelbrewery.co.uk

Brewery tours and tasting sessions are available by appointment.