NELSON'S COLUMN (5.2% abv)
(Strong Ale)
Nelson's Column is an Old English Ale. Brimful of rich, ripe fruit.
Starts slightly malty and finishes smooth and hoppy.
"A truly monumental beer".

Rumour has it...
the tunnel, after which the brewery is named, runs through the richest vein of iron ore in
the Midlands. This ore possesses special magnetic qualities that even Lord Nelson had
heard about. He commanded that the cannon balls for his fleet be made with the ore that
ran deep within the Ansley Alps. (It is widely believed that Nelson's special balls were the
reason for his many and varied conquests). At his demise during the Battle of Trafalgar,
Nelson’s last words to Hardy were in fact “Ensure my memorial is carved out of the magical
stone from the Ansley Alps”. His request was duly honoured and a beer was also brewed
to mark the event. (Any excuse for a special brew in Ansley). As we commemorate the
200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and the erection of Nelson’s Column we can
once again enjoy our own Nelson’s Column – a truly monumental beer!


Contact: Bob Yates or Mike Walsh
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