Rumour has it...
the tunnel, after which the brewery is named, was often used as a shelter by
Bill Davis if it rained during local cricket matches. Bill was as well known for his fantastic
head of hair (eat your heart out Marge Simpson) as he was for his cruelly deceptive
leg spinning skills. (Just ask the likes of English Test Cricket players Dennis Amiss,
John Jameson and Tom Cartwright –all of whom fell foul to Bill’s wicked wrist-action).
And it wasn’t just his hair! Bill also hated getting his socks wet. On one occasion when his
wife Pearl had had enough of Bill’s “rabid fear of water” she decided to sow up one of his cricket
trouser legs. When he tried to put them on Bill went flying across the changing room floor. Thus
was born the phrase “going a Pearler”. Now, when you drink this beer in honour of Bill and his
legendary wrist-action/ball skills, make sure you to don’t end up … “going for a Pearler”!.


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