(Summer Ale)

Rumour has it...
The tunnel, after which the brewery is named, was once the forgotten
entrance to an ancient gold mine. Local folklore told of ‘a very special gold that would
make any man weep with joy’. But no one was willing to brave the uncharted territory. That
is until an old hermit, named ‘Stig Van De Caissy’ , decided to take up the challenge and
see for himself. He ventured off into the mountains and sure enough found the secret entrance.
For many days he stumbled through the darkness and eventually reached the other
end of the tunnel. He was justly rewarded for his efforts. Spread before him, as far as the eye
could see, was indeed, enough gold to satisfy any man. The whole valley was swaying
in fields of barley! The hermit knew exactly what to do. (He built a brewery – well who
wouldn't!) He created a now famous beer that evokes in him, and anyone else who
drinks it, the everlasting memory of his first sight of the glorious, flowing......Fields of Gold.


Contact: Bob Yates or Mike Walsh
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Brewery tours and tasting sessions are available by appointment.